Programme Organizations

TR Ministry of Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs
Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU)
Delegation of the European Union to Turkey

Programme Objectives:

Establishing a sustainable dialogue between EU member states and Turkey.

Increasing mutual exchange and cooperation between NGOs in Turkey and their counterparts in the EU at local, regional and national level.

Grant Support: 96.000 Euro / 90%

Project Activities

“Leadership Development Programme” Trainings.

Participants: 20 association members and senior executive candidates aged 25-40 working on strengthening women’s status – 40 hours of training.

a little girl plays superhero
Psychodrama Studies: “Girls Run Schools”

In the conference hall of Bahçeşehir College, gender equality training will be given for 6 hours with 30 students between the ages of 8-12 by psychodrama.

This is a pilot application.

In order to encourage them to become school heads, drama studies will continue in other Izmir schools.

“Social Inclusion and Diversity” Workshop.

Women’s rights organizations, scientists and artists will come together at an international Izmir workshop which will last for 2 days.

AFAEMME is the inspiring stakeholder of the workshop with good practices from 24 Mediterranean countries.

Mentoring Programme – Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

İZİKAD will give consultancy to the managers and employees of 10 WEPs signer companies in Izmir for 3 months.

After 3 months of mentoring, a 7-hour development monitoring and evaluation meeting will be held in İZİKAD association office with 10 company representatives.

Study Visit to Barcelona

Under the guidance of AFFAEMME, a workshop will be held in Barcelona and 3 companies known for successful gender equality practices will be visited. The result of the visit will be reported by the participants.

International Short Film Competition

AFAEMME partnership will open a short film competition on “inequality of men and women in business life” which will be open to the Mediterranean countries.

The winners will be awarded at the closing meeting of the project.

Family / Women Friendly Institutions Award Ceremony

During the project, IZIKAD members will mentor the institutions on WEPs in cooperation with UN Women. At the closing night, the committee to be
established under the guidance of AFAEMME will identify public and private sector institutions which are sensitive to “Gender Equality”.
These companies will be invited to the closing ceremony with their stories.